Caroline Havers was born in the Netherlands in 1959. After studying Museology at the Reinwardt Academie, her interest in anthropology led to her first job as a fair-trade importer of quality handicrafts from third world countries. Later she became responsible for the organisation of the well known Dutch ‘Kinderpostzegelactie’, one of the oldest fundraisers.

Since 1990, Caroline has moved over the world. Manila, Washington D.C., Prague, Brussels and London were considered home for many years. In the summer of 2012, she moved to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. 

During her years of study at the Reinwardt Academie and later on in her professional career she never abandoned her childhood love for the visual arts. She took many courses in painting, drawing, etching, photography and printmaking. In the early 90’s Caroline started working as a freelance illustrator. While living in the United States she realised that her true creative passion was in the field of painting. Caroline has since then pursued a career as a full time professional artist. Her work has been exhibited internationally since 2003 and can be found in various private and corporate collections worldwide.

Every foreign country, along with the experiences and unique encounters with local culture and nature, trickles into Caroline’s artwork. Through painting she has documented her life. Specific shapes, a striking colour combination or the rhythms in nature can act as a trigger point for a painting. From there on the paints and brushes take over. Still somewhat true to their origins, the shapes, colours and forms are balanced in an exciting ‘Havers’ way.