IN.FLUX - Artist statement

In.Flux is a collection of artworks by Dutch artist Caroline Havers, capturing aspects of the Saudi landscape as it developed from bare desert to a city environment. Each artwork represents a moment of that development as seen through the mind of the artist.

The result is a series of paintings that show Caroline's fascination with change. Change, in its essence, is a constant and no moment lasts forever. Even a moment by its very nature is always in flux. When you think you see it, it has already changed. The present has become the past. The future has already begun. The moment has become a memory, as well as an inspiration for the future. Caroline's paintings in this series encompass this.

Put together, the works form a timeline. In.Flux takes the viewer along the path of change. It takes you from the sands of a scorching desert under a relentless sun, through the arrival of nomadic life, to the establishment of early village life, irrigated farming and the birth of the modern city. Capturing iconic shapes and visual rhythms. 

In a way, her work is born from the anguish of not being able to hold on to moments. The frustration of having to let go. The impossibility to fixate a moment before it dissipates into a new stage. In the rapidly changing environment of the Arab peninsula, maybe moments last even shorter than anywhere else in the world. With this exhibition, Caroline Havers brings moments that are gone, back to life. 

Riyadh, May 2016